GraffWriter Help & Tips :

Getting Started

To see a quick sample of what does just hit the "submit" button at the top, right of the main page. A graphic will be created using the defualt settings.

To create a custom graphic just enter your text & choose the colors & effects you like. When your done hit submit. A graphic will be created & shown on the artboard. If you are happy with the file you can save the image & get HTML code to post it online. If you want to continue making changes then just alter your settings & hit submit again. Your custom settings will still be in place so you can make minor changes or start all over as you see fit.

What can I make?

The possibilities are endless however popular items include: banners, titles, website buttons, graphics for online profiles & homepages, logos, monograms, avatars & more. GraffWriter™ is easy & fast, you can create custom styles & render advanced sets of images in seconds. Many of our fonts are rare or exclusive & we will even host your image on our site indefinetly.

Background Images Colors & Gradients

1.) If you do not choose a background color the background will be white.
2.) Gradient background color is faded into the original background color creating a 2 color gradient.
3.) Background images will override background colors & Gradients will override images. If you chose an image but do not see it be sure to deactivate the background gradient.